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Truss Plates supplied by Component Services are the very highest quality, code approved metal truss connector plates (truss plates) in the wood roof truss industry. As a metal connector plate, truss plate, customer of Truss Component Services you have available a complete variety of size and gauge of metal connector plates, all of which are designed to balance cost, efficiency, and structural strength. The "ALL-STEEL" metal truss connector plates supplied by Truss Component Services metal connector plates are simply the best in the wood truss industry.

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Complete variety of size and gauge of truss plates , pallet plates, pallet repair plates, roof truss plates for the wood roof truss industry and for the pallet repair industry.

  • 20 Gauge Standard – Manufacturer from structural grade ASTM 653, Grade “A” American made G-60 galvanized steel. This is the standard for the wood truss plate industry. This metal connector plate, truss plate, can also used for pallet plates (softwood). A Truss plate, and Pallet plate manufacturer.
  • 18 Hi-Strength – Manufacturer for use in those special conditions: heavy loading conditions, wide on-center spacing, and wide lumbers. If agricultural trusses are a part of your wood truss business the 18 Gauge Heavy may be the metal American made connector plate, truss plates, of choice for those high stress joints.


Truss Component Services  ALL-STEEL wood truss connector plates exceed the standard for the wood truss and the Pallet Industries. Wood truss, roof truss, floor truss, portable buildings, pallet repair, pallet plates, pallet repair plates, truss plates, roof truss, storage buildings, wood truss plant, truss press, truss repair press, truss press.

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