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New Equipment

Truss Component Services sells many brands and makes of new wood truss equipment. We suggest you contact us with your requirements and we will make suggestions for wood truss equipment that will handle your job requirements. Do not be swayed by the company who represents only one brand; give Truss Component Services the opportunity to help you select the very best piece of wood truss equipment for the job you need done. By being able to obtain this piece of knowledge we can help secure the best possible piece of wood truss truss equipment for the very best price.

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Used Equipment

We list and sell all types of used wood truss equipment that is related to the wood truss industry.
Our website lets you list your used wood truss equipment and there is no charge unless we get it sold for you. This allows your used wood truss equipment to be viewed by buyers from around the world and there is no charge until we get it sold.

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Listing Used Equipment

Listing your used equipment is a simple no obligation process. You determine the net price you would like to receive for your equipment. We will work with you to determine what the list price should be (which would include our fee). Our fee would include all the cost of our marketing, securing payment, arranging shipping, finder’s fees, if required, and various other items that may be associated with the sale. With some higher priced equipment, a percentage commission fee will be established. You will see all offers no matter what the amount of the offer. It is your decision to accept or reject any offer.

How do I get my Equipment listed?

We will need a complete description of the roof or floor truss equipment. Include model number, serial number, manufacturer and age/date.
You will be requested to determine a category of condition such as:      Like New,   Very Good,  Good, or   Fair.
Are you including manuals, any accessories, or spare parts, etc.

We will need photos, the more the better. All will not be on the site but will be sent to prospective buyers. You can send digital images by email or mail 35mm prints. As always the better the photo the better the equipment looks to a buyer. So make sure to take photos from many angles.

When we find a buyer, on terms that you accept, you will be asked to sign a “Sellers Agreement” with Truss Component Services. This agreement will outline the conditions of the sale and the net proceeds to the seller.

As always, to avoid problems, make sure that your statements, descriptions and photos, etc of the equipment you are offering for sale are truthful and not misleading.

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Prospective Buyers

Our years of experience enables us to work a fair deal for both the seller and the buyer. We will handle the negotiations with the buyers and only forward offers to you from qualified buyers. Some people are only tire kickers and we try to not waste your time with these false leads. When we find a qualified buyer, we will supply him with photos, information on the equipment, estimates for freight and any other information needed to close the sale. It could be that the buyer will want to see the equipment in person; if so, we will arrange all of these details.

Sale Made, Now What?

A price has been agreed upon by both parties, now what happens? We will schedule, if necessary,  freight  pick-up, schedule a loading time, etc. But  the most important part is that we will get your full net payment before the equipment is loaded at your site.
You the seller will in most cases be responsible for disassembly (if necessary) and assist in loading of the equipment.
The buyer will understand that the truss equipment is sold “as is, where is”, and subject to any warranties or representations made by you the seller.

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List my Equipment


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