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No matter the roof type -gable, hip, saltbox, mansard, gambrel- and it can be framed with metal truss plate connected

wood roof trusses, roof truss and/or floor trusses. Precision-made from dimension lumber and metal truss connector plates

( truss plates ), pre-fabricated roof trusses and/or floor trusses  have revolutionized residential roof framing over the

last four decades. Today, the largest percentage of all new homes are constructed with roof trusses. Lightweight and

needing no on-site assembly, roof trusses and/or floor trusses give builders a bigger bang for their buck. Truss-framed

roofs can be erected faster and with less skilled labor than stick-built roofs. Often, trusses go up and sheathing down

on the same day, so closure against the weather comes sooner. Wood roof trusses long, clear spans offer greater flexibility

with floor plans. And since most interior walls are not needed for bearing walls, their expensive underpinnings aren't

needed either. Highly efficient in their usage of lumber, roof trusses help conserve forest resources, green building.

Most often made of 2x4s and spaced 24 in. o.c., a truss-framed roof uses a lot less wood than one stick-built from

2x6 or 2x8 rafters and joists 16 in. o.c. Most roof Trusses and all floor trusses can use 2x4's from new growth forrest,

not older growth as needed for  2x8's , 2x10's and 2x12's for roof and flooring. On site waste is much less with a

wood truss roof  and/or floor truss systems. roof truss. 
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